Columbarium FAQ

Columbarium FAQ

Where is the Columbarium located?

On the Mount St. Francis Campus located off of west Woodmen Road. Once on campus, it is visible on the left-hand side of the road just west of the Sisters Cemetery.

What are the details of the Columbarium design? How many Niches are there?

Currently there are twenty-six freestanding towers. Each tower has a west and east side, with twenty-four niches on each side. The niches are 12” x 12” x 12”. There are plans to install eight more towers in 2022. These will be the last towers and niches added to the Columbarium.

How much does a niche cost?

For the new towers being built in 2022, the prices are $3,412 for one niche and $3,252 per niche if two or more are acquired.

What are the payment options?

Payment is accepted by cash, check, or credit card. Checks should be made to: Sisters of St. Francis, with “Columbarium” in the memo line. Unfortunately, there is no payment plan available. All payments must be paid up front at the time of applying.

What is included in the cost for a Niche?

All hardware for the Niche; engraving of granite faceplate; opening and closing of the Niche at time of inurnment; permanent document record maintenance; perpetual care and Columbarium maintenance.

Are there any extra costs at inurnment?

No, the cost of opening and closing at the time of inurnment is covered in the cost of the Niche.

What are the guidelines for applying for a Niche?

The Mount St. Francis Columbarium is open to all people. Please see the Policies and Procedures and the Application/Agreement Regarding Inurnment Rights for full details. Send the completed form to the Administrator (Mt. St. Francis Columbarium) along with your check. The mailing address is: 7665 Assisi Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

Can more than one person be placed in one niche?

Unfortunately, there can be only one person per niche.

Can I place my pet’s cremains in the niche with me?

Catholic cemeteries/columbarium do not allow the burial of pets with owners.

Is any of this purchase price tax deductible?

Yes, a significant portion of the purchase price is a donation to the Sisters of St. Francis for building the Columbarium and supporting their ministries. Please refer to the current fee schedule for the tax-deductible amount.

Are there any property rights with the cost of a Niche?

The use of a Niche space or placement of remains in a Niche does not confer any property rights.

May I select the exact Niche location that I would like?

Yes, selection of your Niche location, from currently available Niches, is part of the Niche application and payment process.

Will a representative pick up my urn from the funeral home/crematorium and hold it until the memorial service?

No, you (or your family/or designated person) are responsible for bringing the urn to the Columbarium for inurnment.

Is it necessary to have a memorial service or Mass before inurning the ashes in the Columbarium?

No, that decision is up to the family to plan or not; but you must notify the Administrator of your plans.

Who is responsible for engraving the faceplate of the Niches?

The Sisters of St. Francis handle the engraving of the granite faceplate for the Niches.

What can be engraved on the Granite Faceplate of the Niches?

The engraving can include one emblem, name of the person whose ashes are inurned, date of birth, date of death and up to two lines of inscription that are not more than twenty-two spaces per line.

When do the niches get engraved?

In the warmer months, the engravers typically come every month depending on the quantity of orders and weather conditions. In the colder months, it is much less frequent due to the mechanics of the engraving process. Please understand the Administrator has no control over the engravers’ schedule.

What are the visitation hours for the Columbarium?

The Columbarium is currently open to visitation during daylight hours.

Is there a place to sit and reflect or pray?

Yes, there is one bench placed in front of each tower wall.