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Contact The Sisters of Saint Francis:

We invite you to learn more about the various ministries sponsored
by The Sisters of St. Francis:

Franciscan Community Counseling
Michael Conner, 719-955-7021,

Franciscan Retreat Center Reservations

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
Sister Carmela Trujillo, 719-955-3789,
Sister Dorothy Schlaeger, 719-955-3789,

Mount St. Francis Columbarium
Sister Diana White, 719-955-3845,

Mount St. Francis Nursing Center Admissions
Tracie Collins, 719-955-7000,

Stonehaven Event Center Reservations
Coodinator, 719-955-7025,

Sisters of St. Francis Contact
Sister Diana White, 719-955-3845,

Women Partnering
Jenn Taylor, 719-577-9404,

Human Resources
Peggy Weber, 719-955-7007,
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