Mt. St. Francis Columbarium Policies and Procedures

Mt. St. Francis Columbarium Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the administrator for the Mount St. Francis Columbarium (hereafter referred to as “Administrator”). These policies and procedures and any revisions or amendments thereto shall bind all holders of Mount St. Francis Columbarium Certificate to Right of Inurnment (hereafter referred to as the “Certificate holder”).

Eligibility for Inurnment
The Mount St. Francis Columbarium (“Columbarium”) is available to the general public for inurnment of cremated human remains (“cremains”).

A “niche” is the discrete chamber designed, constructed, and intended for use as a permanent repository for the entombment of human cremains enclosed in an urn.

Fee to Reserve a Niche
A one-time fee to reserve a niche in the Columbarium is charged. This fee includes all costs directly associated with inurnment, inscription of names and date of birth and death (except for custom or additional artwork), and perpetual care in the Columbarium. It does not include the cost of urns, cremation, transportation, or other off-premises costs.

Purchase of Niches
Each niche (12” x 12” x 12”) in the Columbarium has the capacity for the cremains of one individual urn.
The applicant will complete all appropriate forms and submit them, with full payment to the Administrator. When the application is approved, the applicant will be issued a completed Certificate to Right of Inurnment.

Selecting a Niche
When an application has been approved, the applicant will have the right to select any niches(s) which may be available at that time. If no specific niche is identified, the Administrator may assign a niche. If more than one application has been approved on the same date, the rights of preference shall be based on the date and time the completed applications were received.

Designation of Remains
The holder of the Certificate has the right to designate whose cremains will be inurned in the niche. The Sisters of St. Francis and/or Administrator shall not be held responsible for any mistake occurring due to lack of precise written instructions as to either the inscription upon or the location of the niche where inurnment is desired.

Errors: Should cremains be placed in the wrong location in the Columbarium the Administrator will offer a new location to the Certificate Holder or their authorized representative. The acceptance of the new space will be the limit of their remedy or redress. Should a previous claim to ownership exist for any space resold in error the subsequent purchaser will be given the option of either a refund for all monies paid or that of another available niche. If, for any reason, the actual space cannot be opened at the time of need the Administrator may provide an alternate space, temporarily, so as not to delay the committal service, without liability to the Administrator.

Transferring Certificate of Inurnment Right
The Administrator retains the right to purchase the certificate at the same price originally paid by the certificate holder, less a processing fee (Schedule of Fees). The right to repurchase does not apply in the event the Certificate is transferred through gift or inheritance. In any event, the Certificate holder and transferee must execute a Transfer of Certificate to Right of Inurnment document and deliver it to the Administrator along with the original Certificate. A new Certificate will be issued to the transferee, and the original Certificate will be cancelled.

Administrator reserves the right to approve the type of urn proposed to be inurned in the niche. No cremated remains shall be received for inurnment unless contained in an urn which is sealed and leak-proof. Administrator shall not be liable for damages resulting from any defects in the urn.

Inurnment Procedures

  • Services: A family representative is responsible for making inurnment arrangements (Information for Inurnment).
  • Personal Items: Personal or memorial items may be placed in the niche along with the urn as long as the items will fit in the original size of the niche, and not be of a volatile nature. These approved items may be photographs, letters, new clippings, etc.
  • Identification of Cremains: The Administrator shall not be responsible, or liable, for the identification of the cremains of any person at the time of the inurnment or at any subsequent time. The Administrator acts in good faith that the cremains are those of the person on record.

Inscription on Niches
The content, size, and style of the inscription on each niche shall be standardized as determined by the Administrator. The inscription may include the decedent’s name, date of birth, date of death and any emblem of belief approved by the Administrator.

Flowers, Ornaments and Decorations

  • Floral Regulations: The Columbarium is located out of doors with a landscape setting. Therefore, no additional flowers, plants, or decorations shall be permitted other than the day of the Inurnment service. If not removed withing 24 hours of the service, the flowers and their containers will be removed and or disposed of without notice.
  • Other Ornaments, Decorations: The use of any decoration of a Columbarium niche is prohibited. The placing of any items such as toys, signs, wreaths, ornaments, glass items, cards, vases, taping of items or any other articles shall not be permitted. Any of these articles will be removed and or disposed of without notice. The certificate holder shall be liable for any damage caused by the placement of any decoration.

Obligation of Notification
The certificate holder has an obligation to keep the Administrator notified concerning his or her current mailing address and/or related information prior to inurnment. Notice sent to a certificate holder at the last address on file shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notification for all purposes whether or not such purpose be specified in these rules.
The certificate holder also has an obligation to name a designee to receive information regarding the columbarium and provide current contact information.

Removing Cremains
Cremains may be temporarily removed by the Administrator while making repairs or improvements to the Columbarium. Otherwise, cremains may only be removed at the notarized request of the personal representative of the decedent’s estate, the decedent’s surviving spouse, or by agreement of decedent’s heirs, as determined by Colorado law. Mount St. Francis Columbarium shall not be responsible for resolution of disputes regarding the removal of cremains. In the event of a dispute, cremains shall remain at the Columbarium until agreement of the parties or upon issuance of a court order. In the event of legal action, the losing party shall be liable for any attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by Mount St. Francis Columbarium.

Ownership of the Columbarium and all Niches
Certificate holders acquire no property rights in the Columbarium, any of its niches, or any property owned by the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Inc. or their successors. The Certificate confers only the right to inurn cremains of one person in the identified niche pursuant to applicable policies and procedures, as amended from time to time by the Administrator.

Care for the Columbarium and Limited Liability
The Administrator will provide reasonable ongoing care for the Columbarium. However, the Administrator will not be liable for any loss or damage to the urns or cremains inured in the Columbarium. The Administrator may purchase insurance for its own benefit, but is not obligated to purchase insurance for the benefit of Certificate holders, designated persons to be inurned, or their estates or families.

Access to Columbarium

  • Hours: The Administrator reserves the right to set hours that the columbarium will be open or available for visiting, or services. Currently the Columbarium is open from sunup to sundown every weekday, year round. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason.
  • Decorum: The Columbarium is on sacred ground, and all persons entering the area of the columbarium are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with customary respectful decorum as normally observed in a church.

Hold Harmless and Indemnity
Certificate holder does hereby indemnify and hold Administrator and the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Inc., and their officers, directors, owners, insurers, agents, successors and assigns harmless from and against any and all liability, damages, expenses, costs, actions, and causes of action for bodily injury or damage to personal property which are in any way related to the Columbarium or any property owned by or activity performed under the direction of the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Inc.

Amendments/Modifications/ or Waivers of Columbarium Policies and Procedures
The Administrator may at any time adopt new policies and procedures, or amend, alter, or repeal any rule, regulation or article, section, paragraph or sentence in these policies and procedures. Waiver of any policy or procedure does not constitute a continuing waiver of that policy or procedure with respect to any situation arising thereafter.

Effective Date: April 30, 2022