Medicare 5-Star Rating

Mount St. Francis
Nursing Center

24-hour nursing supervisionCompassionate Excellence

When you or a loved one requires 24-hour nursing supervision and skilled care, you must feel confident about the chosen facility, as well as the organization providing care. Trust is essential.

Since 1954, the Sisters of Saint Francis of Colorado Springs have provided loving care and spiritual nourishment through an array of programs. The Mount St. Francis Nursing Center continues this tradition by providing compassionate nursing care in a unique contemplative and scenic natural setting. We offer quality skilled nursing care for older adults founded on a philosophy of dignity, quality of life and respect for the individual.

Enhanced Living

Every opportunity for an enhanced life is provided to our residents through a wide range of services and socially satisfying activities. Each staff member is sensitive to a “whole person” approach, and priority is given to the psychosocial needs of our residents. The Mount St. Francis Nursing Center philosophy encourages freedom of choice and fosters decision-making on the part of every resident.

Individualized Dedication

The personnel at Mount St. Francis Nursing Center consist of compassionate professionals committed to meeting the individual needs of residents. Our caring staff members are trained to embrace a team approach, essential to providing comprehensive services in a warm and compassionate environment. Care and service programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each community resident, whether they are with us for recovery after being hospitalized or for ongoing skilled nursing care.

Fellowship & Community Life

Family involvement and community support are integral to the quality of care found at Mount St. Francis Nursing Center. Family members are encouraged to maintain and deepen relationships with their loved ones. And community volunteers regularly engage with residents, keeping them connected to life beyond the foothills setting of their Mount St. Francis home.

skilled nursing careJoy In Service

The Mount St. Francis Nursing Center staff truly finds joy in serving others. We thrive on ministering to the needs of our residents, their families and friends, consistently seeking ways to enhance our services, yet preserve the independence and dignity of all residents.

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