Our mission…

Women Partnering is a network of women from diverse backgrounds who respond to the unmet needs of financially vulnerable women and children in the Colorado Springs area. This network works with others to provide services to those financially vulnerable women and children, raise awareness of their plight and where appropriate and subject to applicable IRS limits, advocate policy change on their behalf.

Women partnering does this in the following ways:

  • Building relationships based on love, respect and compassion
  • providing spiritual opportunities and prayerful support
  • educating and/or linking with other resources
  • providing limited financial assistance when other available resources have been exhausted
  • uncovering and building on personal strengths
  • being living examples of our faith

Our values…
Partnering :
Work side-by-side to shape and change everyday circumstances

Persistent Hope : Provide encouragement and light for the future

Faith : Awareness and trust in God’s care and direction

Compassion : Listen and act with an open mind and heart

Respect : Treat all as valued creations of God

Our vision…
We will join the voices of women—those who have more and those who have less, to form relationships that nurture wholeness of body, mind and spirit, helping financially vulnerable women to move toward holistic economic sustainability.