Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Women Partnering?
A network of women sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis

What do we do?
Our mission is to partner with women and link them to the needed resources in the community; including financial assistance on a case-by-case basis. Those resources can include physical (rent assistance, utilities assistance, transportation and medical), employment, psychological, social and spiritual support.

Do you provide rent assistance?
We can link you to places that provide rent assistance and have been helpful and play a role in accessing that assistance.

Do you give out loans?
After establishing a partnership, we work with women on an individual basis, and sometimes are able to provide a small no interest loan.

Do you have job opportunities?
We are not an employment center, but we can link you to places that provide that service and partner in getting what you need from them.

Do you have food?
We do not have food on-site. We can help direct you and help you access several food pantries.

Do you help with housing?
We are able to link you to affordable housing in the community and assist you in obtaining the services needed.

Do you help with clothing?
We are able to link you to clothing resources in the community. We are a referral source as well as a spokes person to the agencies providing that resource.