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Woman’s Story

Helping Women to Grow Spiritually

As human beings we have an innate hunger for spirituality and do not journey through life alone.  It is through sharing our inner self and burdens with another that we experience a deeper sense of reality and see events and people around us with new clarity.  Woman’s Story Mentoring Program provides an intentional one-to-one relationship with a woman (mentee) who wishes to be supported in her faith journey for a set period of time.  The trained mentor  provides a ministry of presence through prayer, encouragement, resources, support and challenges the mentee in living a fuller life—body, mind and spirit. Conversations and prayer are shared in a safe, confidential, respectful, non-judgmental setting for their spiritual journey. Women mentors are not spiritual directors, therapist or advice givers.

Benefits of Being Mentored 

  1. When we come alongside other women and help them walk by faith, communicate their faith and multiply their faith, we are taking on the role of a shepherd in their life.
  2. Being a mentor will be a challenge and growth. When we invest our lives in other women it causes us to think of them and get outside ourselves. It also helps us cling to our God, since He ultimately is the only One who knows what they need.
  3. Being a mentor will bless you. In Philemon 7, Paul prays that we would be active in sharing our faith so we would know God more. As we step out and deep on God we get to see God come through and we are blessed by getting to know (experimentally) Him more.

Benefits of Having a Mentor 

  1. Because everyone’s different filter of how God has revealed Himself often times from others they can see your circumstances through a different lens. They are able to see outside of your desires, perspectives and emotions.
  2. They can encourage and affirm you, seeing more in you than you see yourself. A mentor is able to see the strengths and gifts God has put in you and is able to encourage, affirm and draw those out.
  3. Because a mentor can see your strengths and affirm those in you, they also have vision of what you’re capable of and call you to areas of weakness.
  4. She who walks with the wise grows wise. You become like who you spend time with.

Ministry Highlights

  • Mentors attend a 6 to 7 week training program and ongoing follow-up meetings with other mentors and directors.
  • Six month visiting with mentee and/or depending on needs of the mentee in a location of choice.

For additional information, please call:

Helen Cason                                           Sr. Marilyn Uhing
808-223-7214                                           719-955-3782                  
                               Mount Saint Francis
                              7665 Assisi Heights
                      Colorado Springs, CO 80919-3837