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A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of urns holding the deceased’s cremated remains. The term comes from the Latin Columba (dove) and originally referred to comparted housing for doves and pigeons. A niche is the compartment that holds the urn with the cremated remains. The final sixteen towers of the Columbarium are being installed in 2022.

Although the Church does not try to influence a person’s decision as to a place of burial or inurnment, it does accept the cremation of Catholics. It is a choice that must be made by the individual and his/her family.

Your Niche

The fee includes:

  • The right to inurnment in the reserved niche
  • Inscription on the niche
  • Opening and closing of the niche
  • Perpetual care for the columbarium
  • Inurnment possible immediately following funeral mass

The fee does not include the cost of cremation or other funeral costs

Your Memorial

Your purchase may qualify as a charitable contribution. Situations vary, so it is best to consult your tax advisor.

Located on the serene grounds of Mount St. Francis, the columbaria offer a beautiful, always accessible place of peace and prayer. The columbaria are well-lit, handicap accessible and secure.

Call or e-mail for more columbarium information – 719-955-3845 or 719-955-3810;

Franciscan Community Counseling can assist you with grief counseling. Please call 719-955-7008 if you would like assistance around your loss.

How to Apply for a Columbarium Niche:

  1. Read the Policies and Procedures, available here.

  2. Obtain the pricing information from the Schedule of Fees here.

  3. Read the full Application and Agreement before completing, available here.

    Page 1:
    • Initial that you have read the Policies and Procedures.
    • Complete the Applicant section with your name and contact information.
    • Complete the Name of the person to be inurned in this niche.
    • Complete the Applicant Designee section with the person’s name and contact information. This is the individual who should be contacted in the event of the Applicant’s incapacity or death.
    • Complete Alternate Contact person section with the person’s name and contact information. This is the individual who should be contacted in the event of the Applicant’s and/or Designee’s incapacity or death.
    Page 2:
    • Complete the Date and Applicant’s Name in the AGREEMENT statement.
    • Leave the Tower Wall, Niche number, and Fee blank for now.
    Page 3:
    • Complete the date, print your name, and sign your name.

  4. Send the completed form to the Administrator (Mt. St. Francis Columbarium) along with your check, or call 719-955-3845 to set up an appointment. The mailing address is: 7665 Assisi Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

  5. The Administrator will work with you on selecting your niche and will complete and sign the Application/Agreement for the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs and provide you with a copy of the completed Application/Agreement.